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Who can invest?

Anyone whose age is more than legal age and in every geographical location can invest in General Trading. He just needs to enroll in website and starts investing by choosing the desired plan.

How does General Trading earn its members’ profit?
General Trading professional team tries to recognize the best trading chance periodically by simultaneous trading in different financial markets and sometime contradictory and enters investment and trading with the use of advanced artificial intelligence. For more information on how the General Trading team works, refer to the “About Us” section.
How to register a new account?
To register, just click on the registration button at the top on this page of the website to go to the login and registration section and click on the button to create a new account to go to the registration section.
What does the determination of how to pay mean?
After registration first you need to determine the way of repaying you profit. For this purpose, by clicking the button to determine the payment method, you will go to the payment account section and you will enter the address of your Bitcoin wallet in wallet section. Consider that General Trading repay the profit and the original capital just by Bitcoin.
How can we invest?
 For this purpose, go to the menu of investment plans and select the investment plan section from your dashboard. First, you can choose your investment plan on this page and then, you will go to the next page by clicking the determination amount button that you enter the amount of money you want to deposit in this section. You determine how to deposit. You go to deposit page by clicking payment button and deposit amount will be charged to your account in 5 minutes to 2 hours automatically by the deposit of determined amounts.
What are the minimum and maximum deposit amounts?
For this purpose, you need to read the details of every investment plan. For example the minimum deposit amount is 5 dollars and the maximum amount is 600 dollars in a 10-day plan. However, if you select less or more amounts, the system will automatically notify you.
How can I register a withdrawal request?
For the withdrawal of you profit you can register profit withdrawal request and referral income in the withdrawal and the subset of capital withdrawal section.
What should I do to withdraw the original capital?
You can withdraw your original capital after ten full AD days. For this purpose, you can see your investments and deposits by referring to the investment plans section and the subset lists of deposits. You can withdraw your original capital by registering withdrawal request in case of finishing investment period. In this section, you can also invest the released capital again.
Is there any limitation for registering the request?
No, no limitation is determined for this limitation. The only limitation is that every withdrawal must not be less than ten dollars.
How long does it take for my withdrawal request to be completed?
Withdrawal requests are only made from Mondays to Fridays and will be deposited into your Bitcoin wallet in at least 24 hours.
Please note that it is deposited into you Bitcoin wallet just from Mondays to Fridays.
Is there any possibility of internal transfer among users?

No, unfortunately there is no possibility for it for security issues and also for prevention of money laundering according to England rules.
Does each withdrawal have a cost?

Yes, depending on the cost of the Bitcoin network, there is a $ 2 fee per withdrawal. Because of this reason, we suggest that do not register for the withdrawal with the amount of less than 50 dollars.
Do I need to deposit to my account in order to earn money from introducing other people?

No, there is no need to invest and you just receive your income of introducing other people by introduction of every person and that person’s investment.
How can I have income from people’s introduction?

For this purpose, you can share your referral link that you see on your dashboard screen with other people. You will see your income on the upper part by the first investment. Other people’s introduction income is paid up to three levels in General Trading which can bring you a lot of income.
How can I contact you?

For this purpose, you can see different ways of contacting us in “Contact us” section.

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